Challenging Them to Lose Weight

I am a pretty competitive person in most anything. I love playing cards, board games, pickup games outside, and so much more. My two cousins are the same when it comes to the inside games, but they are not in good enough shape to play basketball or baseball outside. I decided to challenge them to get healthier, figuring a challenge by me would go a long way since we are so competitive with each other. I even told them about, which is a site that I visit regularly because it is filled with so many great articles about nutrition as well as exercise.

I knew that the site would help both of them, but I also knew that it would have to come at a high price to me for them to play along. Since this was their health we are talking about, I let them set the wager. They had to do my yard work for a year if they lost, and I had to do both of theirs if they won. Since I don’t mind mowing grass or shoveling snow, I agreed. Like I said, their health was at stake, and I wanted them to be around for many more years.

Well, the challenge was the right way to go about this. They hit the challenge hard, and they both started losing weight. Since they were pretty big, the weight really came off fast at first. I asked them what they were doing, and they told me that they are walking several miles a day, plus they are making sure they are eating enough fiber in their diets. Well, I am happy to say that I lost the bet. However, they are not making me do their yard work. They have both thanked me numerous times for making them change. We all came out winners in this!

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