Looking for a Fishing Camp

My brother in law and I have started to look around for places where we can do different types of fishing. Obviously we want to fish in both the bayous and the Gulf of Mexico. We managed to fix up an old shrimp boat that we found derelict after one of the hurricanes. It was considered abandoned property I guess, because the guy who owned it got his insurance money and forgot it. We fixed it up so that you can live on it for short periods. We even got Louisiana satellite internet because that seemed like the best way to get the emergency alerts and information. Like most people I am brave on a calm sea, but when the waves get big and scary I want to get my feet on high and dry land. I really want to have information about the weather as far in advance as is possible, but I did not think that I could justify the expense of a radar set. We are looking for a nice place to fish from and we are thinking that maybe we should look for something on or near Lake Pontchatrain. That is not that far from the places that I frequent and so long as the traffic on the causeway is not terrible I can get back to the house in a pretty reasonable amount of time. The trick is to find a good place for both purposes. You want to be able to hunt and fish without getting too far away from where you need to be at 8 AM on a Monday morning. That is not that difficult here in this state, especially when you are living and working in the parts of the area where I am at this point in time. So we should be able to figure it all out.

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