My New Friends Pointed Me Toward Software That Really Works

My husband was the one who took care of keeping track of all of our financial records over the years. But when we passed away, I found myself at a loss as to how to keep up with it myself. I don’t have a good head for numbers, but he was wonderful with them. Not sure what to do, I asked my new lady friends on a widow’s forum what I should do. Almost all of them said that I should start out quickly with Quicken 2016 to make it much easier on myself. I typically do not use programs on the computer, so I was not sure what to do.

My husband did all the work by hand when he recorded our finances. I sat down with a cup of coffee in my husband’s favorite old chair and began going through the records. I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. Some of it seemed rather easy, but then I found myself wondering why he did certain things. Not because I felt that he did it wrong. Like I said, he had a great head for numbers, and it was me who was having trouble making sense of what I was seeing. I even tried to keep notes as I went along. I spent a few hours going over things, and it became pretty apparent that I had just scratched the surface and I was not getting very far with comprehension.

Wondering if I should listen to my new friends, I went to the Quicken website to look everything over. I was able to download and pay for the software just then. I felt that if they could do it, I could do it, too. It was much easier to use the program than it was to try to learn my husband’s handwritten records.

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