My Oldest Son Taught Me a Very Important Business Move

I got a late start in life. I chose to marry young, and then we had our first child of 6, when I was just 18. Then, the kids just kept coming, and that is how we wanted it. I took care of our home and children in whatever way I could, while my husband worked. But they’re adults now, and I wanted a business of my own. I’ve learned many things through trial an error, especially the online world. I ended up learning how to buy Twitter followers not long ago, and then I waited to see what the full result of my decision would be. I felt like I had so much to learn, but I am committed.

All of my kids use social media. I was always too busy for that. But after I started a business, I was told repeatedly that every business needs to be online and customer engaged. This means making sure to communicate to new and past customers at all times so that they don’t forget about what you are selling. My oldest child sat down with me and helped me get started on Twitter. It was interesting learning how to summarize things that I have to say because you only get 150 characters to post everything you need to say in one post on the site.

When I was not getting very far with getting people to follow me, my son said that I should do what all the big celebrities do, which is to pay a company to have people follow my account. He said that no company or celebrity should bumble along looking like no one is interested in what they have to say. So, getting more followers makes your account more popular. I thought it sounded amusing, but it turns out that he was right. The customers began noticing me after I had it done.

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